INNOVV ThirdEYE will be released on Dec 2019.

ThirdEYE is Blind Spot Detection System for Motorcycle, to detect the vehicles behind and beside of motorcycle, providing warnings to motorcyclists and drivers for collision prevention. 

Spotting The Blind Spot - Be Spot On!

The other innovations for motorcycle.

INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system released on July 2018.

The K2 is a dual-channel set which is an upgrade of the popular K1 model. It features full HD (1080p) recording system, stylishly designed lenses and a DVR. The whole set is waterproof and offers a WiFi connection to a free smart-phone app.


The K2 can record both the front and rear of your vehicle simultaneously. This assures a near 360 degree field of view with all of its advantages.

INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera (Released June 2017), Add the motorcycle helmet version April 2019.

INNOVV C5 is a 1080p 30fps, single channel recording system. The whole set is waterproof and offers a WiFi connection to a free smart-phone app.

The C5 is a significant upgrade based on listening to our customer base.

INNOVV C5 motorcycle helmet camera released on April 2019.

It is lightest weight motorcycle helmet camera system with no battery limition.


While each camera set comes with its own power-converter, we also offer the optional convenience of our PowerHub1. This is a 12V distribution hub which allows simultaneous use of up to 5 electrical accessories. This helps removing clutter from having to find space for the separate power-adapters of 5 different accessories.


For protection of the high-end computer systems of modern bikes PowerHub boots up the add-on accessories with a 10 second delay.


Many riders find PowerHub a great addition to their kit because of its reasonable price, ease of maintenance and extended utility.

Power Hub 1

Power Hub 2

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