Dec.01, 2019


If the northern xinjiang has the most beautiful natural scenery, then the southern xinjiang is the perfect combination of humanity and beauty.

This trip around the tower ADV challenge camp 24 warriors, nine days, 2800 km ride, write the ordinary people's heroic dream.


▲BMW F800GS/R1200 GS is the mainstream model


Behind us, the beautiful tomur peak is a legendary place to be.

The canyon and gravel channel are the characteristics of this course, which is not difficult in general.


Non-professional riders and non-professional vehicles will undergo unknown tests in a professional track. How to ensure the safety of 24 drivers and cars is a high requirement for the drillmaster team's technology and team cooperation.


With full preparation, we started the trip with anticipation!


Oasis and village deep in the desert - Daryabui


An unforgettable bonfire party

Beautiful weather and poplar forests

A medal is the best reward for a brave man

The 2019 re-tour of the ADV challenge camp in southern xinjiang around the taklimakan desert saw all 24 warriors complete the race without any injuries, thus bringing the ride to a successful conclusion.

No matter how long the road, we will not stop the pace of exploration, please remember our slogan:


The end of highway, that's the beginning of our Adventure!