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Why do I need INNOVV Power Hub?

The easiest way to connect a new accessory with your electrical system is to power it directly from the battery, wherein its negative terminal connects to the negative and positive to positive.

However, the accessory would now draw battery directly from the battery, which means if you forget to shut the accessory off manually when the engine is turned off, it would drain your battery.

This problem can be solved with INNOVV power hub, which blocks consumption if the ignition is not on.

INNOVV Power Hub 1

INNOVV Power Hub more than offer the ignition related power on/off function, it also have delay function.

On many motorcycles, the headlights are left on at all times, including when the bike's engine is started. The HID system has a high current draw which reduces the battery current available for starting, which can cause starting problems especially in cold weather. On other bikes, the headlights are switched off during engine start, causing a "hot restrike", where lights turn on when the bike is first turned on, then turned off during engine starting, then quickly turned back on again after the engine is started. Hot restriking is not very good for the ballast or the HID bulb, reducing its lifespan significantly. With INNOVV Power Hub, The ballast will not be powered on until this delay time has passed, so the HID system only starts after you have started your motorcycle.


Another important feature of INNOVV Power Hub is its extremely compact size. Space is very limited in motorcycles, and its small size is the solutions for this problem.

More than the above, INNOVV Power Hub is waterproof, no need to worrying short cut when washing motorcycle.