The place to touch the clouds-the most beautiful village in China

Apr.20, 2020


The journey through the frozen regions of Tibet is about to begin.

On April 20,2020, the Fufeng brothers assembled in Dali, with the explicit order of the Chairman Fang, marking that they would embark on a new journey and challenge the most difficult route to enter Tibet.

Before entering Tibet, everyone has a different mood.

Some people have been to Tibet many times, but it is the first time to ride a motorcycle.

The rest of the trip may be a mixture of surprise and hardship, but we are ready for it.

This time, we're going for the most difficult route.


That's 29 motorcycles.

The story is about to begin.


The three pagodas of Dali, Cangshan and Erhai Lake are also unique in our motorcycle rides.

The wind is gentle and the sun is warm on your face.

On the way we also met cyclists from all over the country.

Even if our destination is different, but we meet in this moment, it is also an important harvest of the journey.

We made the final preparations in Dali - team arrangement and equipment adjustment.

We will go to the next destination in the best condition.

At an altitude of 1,800 meters, we came to the most beautiful village in china-Lao mudeng.

Lao Mudeng is the transliteration of NU language.

It means: where people like to go.

Known as the most beautiful village in China, the village has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with simple and warm villagers.

Lao Mudeng church is located in the nu river canyon, the highest church on the nu river.

The church was built by French missionaries and is still used by villagers to worship.

The village of Lao Mu Deng, inhabited by the NU ethnic group, is a place of peace of mind.

Relieved of the strain of the day, the Fufeng brothers moved into the village.

The village was filled with a light fog and a cold mountain wind.

It was time for dinner, and we sat in the houses of the local people and talked over a fire.

Share fun and cycling experiences.

This is what home feels like.