Yunnan-tibet border - where the mountains meet the sky

Apr.23, 2020


We woke up in a wonderland, drank a cup of black tea and looked out over the mountains.

Then we pack my bags and start the day's journey again.

The beauty of Laomudeng is always fascinating.

But the call of the snowy plateau drives fufeng brothers to continue to explore.

We are going north along the Nu river.


The Nu river, flowing from the Tibetan plateau, is turbulent.

We rode our motorcycle, along with the sound of the river, all the way forward.


Tunnels and roads along the nu river have long been built, giving us a good day's cycling experience.


The stretch of mountains and winding roads seemed endless.

After many turns, we finally came to "first bay".


The real challenge is about to begin.

The inn where we rested was located by the nu river highway, with beautiful scenery.

We had a pleasant chat over tea.

It is recognized that the most difficult route to enter Tibet -- the third inspection line, which has 220 kilometers of non-paved road from chawarong to chayu.

The plateau environment is in the snowmelt season, so it is necessary to pay attention to the quicksand and falling rocks on the mountain.

With a large army and no supply points in between, it was a difficult task to get a large team through safely and smoothly.


Mr. Fang, the chairman, and several other experienced riders set out a day in advance to start the advance detection work.

Detect the road ahead, assess the risks, and then formulate the plan, so as to transmit the latest road condition information in real time to the team.

This road is difficult and beautiful at the same time, which is endowed with mysterious color and attracts many knights to conquer.


Yunnan-tibet border, the beautiful road between the canyons, along the nu river upstream, we brothers started a new journey.

Coming to the yunnan-tibet border, we officially entered the Tibetan area.


Farewell to the flat road, we rode into the non-asphalt pavement.

On the left, there are cliffs and the raging nu river.

On the right, there is a large rock face, on which the rocks are tottering.

The water holes in the middle of the road and the stones that have rolled down make the cycling brothers to be full of energy.


The elevation gradually rises, mixed with the drizzle, the non-pavement sand and stones are still dusty.

Famous locations, "tiger mouth" and "big quicksand" seem to await the arrival of fufeng brothers.


But the real challenge begins on the 220km of unpaved road from chawarong to chayu - crossing three snow-capped mountains at an altitude of more than 4,500 metres without any supply points and before dark or risk life.

After passing the first pass, they had to find a village to stay in in order to conserve their strength.


Altitude sickness and bad weather made our ride incredibly difficult.

We hesitated and dithered, but continued on the same path.


To be continued...