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  • What SD card to choice?
    Please purchase the branded SD card from reputable reseller. The brands like Samsung, Sandisk has too many fake SD cards. The resellers like INNOVV dealers, Samsung Amazon Store or trusted resellers. The size of SD card can be 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. The speed of SD card is more than Class 10, U1, U2, U3. Click below link to get more knowledge about SD card.
  • What time can SD card record?
    256GB 19hours 128GB 10hours 64GB 5hours 32GB 2.5hours
  • Do I need to format SD card when first time to use it?
    No, You do not need it. But you need to format SD card in DVR via App before firmware upate.
  • Is pin side up to insert SD card to DVR?
    Yes, You are right.
  • 11. How to update firmware?
    Please refer to:

*Below smartphones could support the faster 5.8 GHz frequency Wi-Fi and play 4K videos (recorded by INNOVV K5's front camera) smoothly.

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