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The Exploring In West Of China

I usually like to holiday where I’ve been before, but sometimes new places are fresh and enjoyable. During this Chinese New Year Holiday, my family and I visited Sichuan province in the south west of China and I was reminded how much I love traditional Chinese culture, food and nature.

We stayed in a relative’s house in Chengdu city and the first two days we went across this city which has thousands of years of history. Unfortunately, my first impression was not the historical buildings, it was the crowds of people! We only could get peace from these in the famous parks where we found some quiet.

We found single traditional buildings and a small theater with the performances in the yard where people can sit in the yard or in tea houses that surrounded it, you can see it in the photo and video. I liked the solid wooden table and chairs, the painting on the wall that allow me drinking and watching The Face Change like people did hundreds of years before. The Face Change has been over hundreds of year, but only few persons can do now. The actor changed the paintings on his face in second and people are amazed.

Near this building I found a small calligraphy studio and was amazed by the calligrapher’s skill. If you told him your name he could create words associated with it and write it down on paper. Everyone’s was different. He made one for me and it’s on my wall in the family home now.You also watch the video.

I believe people may know of the WenChuan earthquake in 2008, it is around two hundreds miles away from Chengdu, Over 60,000 died according to the government. We visited one of the towns in Wenchuan and local people said the death toll was really double that figure. After our visit we felt the local people’s life has changed to be even happy than ever now.

The town was re designed and built to best present its local traditional culture and people now no longer rely on farming on dead soil and grazing to generate poor income. They are happy to see more and more visitors to taste their local food and shopping for their handmade crafts. They are not so rich, but I can see the happiness and their satisfaction. The fresh air, clear water and the nature are things that city people in China really desire.

The photo below is the new primary school. It’s very nice, but over a thousand students died in destroyed houses and these lovely children will never come back. It’s not easy for the parents and families' deliverance from the pain , but I really hope that such pain never comes back to these communities.

As you can see the videos and photos were taken by INNOVV C1. I would admit it is a very lovely pocket camera and I had it with me everyday. Smart and stylish and easy to use, though my poor photographic skills and lack of experience limited its best performance. I hope with some more trips I can show even better results from INNOVV C1.

See it, Touch it, Like it,

Have fun and enjoy!

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