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Test INNOVV K3: how do smart dashcams work?(in Italian) | from GPOne Road

We installed and tested the latest dashcam model from the Chinese company Innovv, which stands out for its quality / price ratio and ease of assembly. Various parts of the system, such as the control unit and the cameras, are made of an aluminum alloy used for the construction of the aircraft body: a detail that denotes the quality of the components and the resistance of the most exposed parts of the system. Assembling # InnovvK3 is quite simple and can also be done in the garage: the dedicated wiring and the instruction manual make installation accessible to everyone.

To make things even easier there are the support brackets that adapt to the direction indicators or the headlight supports of the vast majority of models, but the most demanding part is that of the "clean" passage of the cables, to be positioned under the tank. to arrive in the saddle, where the inverter and the control unit take place. However, this is also possible on the most minimal bikes such as the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Dark that we used in our test.

Innovv K3 has various strengths: on the one hand there is the hardware, with the Dual Core DVR control unit and the cameras with Sony sensors that record in 1080 px at 30 fps or at 720 px at 60 fps with a visual beam of 120 °, on the other hand the software, since these dash cams turn on (and start recording) when the bike turns on and turn off when the bike stops (unless you want to continue recording).

Innovv K3 can be purchased on the official website of the Chinese brand for just under $ 360, but you can also find it on the most important e-commerce platforms, such as Ebay and Amazon.(Translate by Google)

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