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INNOVV Motorcycle Cameras Win A Place On The Race Track

Many motorcycle fans enjoy watching breathtaking motorcycle races without blinking an eye in front of the race track or the screen. It is speed, bravery and adventure that make motorcycle racing so attractive and stunning all the time. Moreover, motorcycle racers like to push their limits to the maximum at the most dangerous race track.

There are numbers of motorcycle races each year and many people are crazy about that. How much do you know about motorcycle races?

When tracked back the history of the motorcycle races, the first motorcycle was sold in 1894 and the first motorcycle race (about 400 km) was held in France a few years later. From 1906, Britain held the Tourist Trophy (TT) races on the Isle of Man, and the motorsport scene blossomed throughout Central Europe later.

Motorcycle racing is a sport where racers compete on circuits, tracks, or open courses for first place. There are different types of motorcycle races now. Road racing is the most common form today, but off-road and cross-country races exist too. Like other sports, motorcycle racing has its share of top races that every racer strives to compete in. The biggest motorcycle races in 2020 attract thousands of spectators as well as the best motorcycle riders all over the world.

Some motorcycle racers believe that motorcycle racing is an extremely pure form of endeavor, while others believe that the joy of racing is the so called adrenalin rush. It is believe that the danger and the excitement draw motorcycle racers in, and the spectacle of danger and excitement draw the fans in.

As we mentioned in the beginning, motorcycle racers like to push their limits to the maximum in every motorcycle race. Some motorcycle racers said that it is the danger which attracts them and yet it is the same danger which they fear.

In fact, motorcycle racing can be dangerous and even fatal sometimes, though we are lucky enough to live in times where such fatalities are rare, at least in short circuit racing.

“There have been over 270 recorded competitor deaths in the Isle of Man since 1910. In total, 103 riders have died from incidents that occurred at a Grand Prix motorcycle racing event.”--From Wikipedia

Facing the possible dangers during motorcycle races, track designers, helmet manufacturers, and protective equipment producers all work to find new ways of improving safety and looking for ingenious ways of reducing damage should a rider crash. So does INNOVV!

We are proud that INNOVV motorcycle cameras have been widely used to protect motorcycle racers on the race track. Not only recording clear video on the race track, INNOVV motorcycle cameras also provide everything needed when there is an event, such as when and where the event happened and even the motorcycle’s detailed speed.

In 2015, the first 2 channel Full HD motorcycle camera system, INNOVV K1 assisted motorcycle racers in the race track, which has two sets of lenses for motorcycles with well-made components.

Below is the comment for the INNOVV K1 from a motorcycle racer.

“Looking at the videos, it is clear that the camera couple for the test is excellent, although they are sold as a road track recorder, they also stand their place on the race track. Surely it will help us a lot in the future!”

In 2018, INNOVV K2 was developed at the recommendation of an INNOVV K1 customer and it is suitable for any bike with its versatile features and dependable performances. It has also been widely used in the race track.

For example, a famous Hungarian rider Zsombor Kulrik, installed an INNOVV K2 on his Kawasaki 400cc to record the riding fun, measuring his riding performance and better protecting himself on the race track. Check the footage from the below video.

“The INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera records continuously without any intervention, from the start of the engine to the end, with two cameras working at the same time. This built-in system captures every moment we spend on the track without any special attention.”--From Hungarian rider Zsombor Kulrik

Besides that, the real-time speed, G-force values, latitude & longitude, date and time will be displayed on each video recorded by INNOVV motorcycle cameras. Meanwhile, the full-featured INNOVV App allows motorcycle racers and their coaches to livestream those videos. Of course, they could review those videos after each riding on the race track, measuring each motorcycle racer’s performance and giving each motorcycle racer instant feedback. With those valuable data logged in videos recorded by INNOVV motorcycle cameras, motorcycle racers make significant improvements from each training.

All in all, INNOVV motorcycle cameras are suitable for all levels of motorcycle racers with their powerful features. All INNOVV dashcams are well received by motorcycle racers for their auto On/Off recording technology, GPS module, Wi-Fi support, and other must-have features as a dashcam. Above all, INNOVV dashcams are superior to other dashcams because of their stylish appearance, high-end design, IP67 waterproof and others. Therefore, INNOVV dashcams could support motorcycle racers even in harsh conditions with dust, rain or snow.

Recently, INNOVV TECH has launched two NEW products, INNOVV K3 dashcam and INNOVV K5 dashcam. They all pack with more advanced features when compared with INNOVV K2 and INNOVV K1, such as external Mic, remote control, and better video quality.

INNOVV K5 dashcam is a large step forward when compared to its predecessor in terms of the video quality. The INNOVV K5 innovates with the Sony’s 8-megapixel sensor on its front camera, producing strikingly clear 4K Ultra HD footage at 30 FPS, with 4 times as many pixels as in Full HD. Its rear camera provides crisp 1080P HD video quality. Both cameras adopt with an expanded 120° field of view to provide complete coverage around.

INNOVV K5 will better record the motorcycle racers’ riding fun and protect themselves on the race track with its outstanding performances.

The GPS module comes standard in all dash cams since it is highly useful in daily use. The INNOVV K5’s GPS module innovates with a fix update rate of 5 Hz instead of 1 Hz, creating more detailed and higher resolution tracking capabilities. It helps to decrease display lag time and improves distance measurements as well tracking especially when moving on a curvy route at high speed.

Both INNOVV K3 and INNOVV K5 adopt an external Mic, upgrading the audio quality from a tinny sound to a resonating voice. It could clearly record your voices during road trip by attaching it to the helmet, making it a helpful gear for the motovlogging. What is more, it could record awesome engine or exhaust sounds by placing it on the right place.

We are passionate about motorcycle racing and we are dedicated to bring outdoor fun, instant rider feedback, and valuable improvements to motorcycle racers. INNOVV strives to design enhanced motorcycle cameras with our innovation solutions at all levels of motorsport in the future.


INNOVV TECH was created by Rock Liu after he left the German luxury packaging company which has more than 150 years history for the high-quality design. He knew that stylishness, elegance, innovation are rare and invaluable, and can bring pleasure to people for another 150 years or forever. So did he in powersports industry and established the INNOVV TECH.

Powersports are the activities for fun and joy which is from the bottom of heart, and INNOVV Tech always follows that. The fans said, it is the pleasure to own the products and share the wonderful moments on the roads with others.

If you’re new to INNOVV products, you’re warmly welcome to join our INNOVV Forum to learn what other users love about INNOVV.

You can follow us on Facebook @INNOVV, Twitter @INNOVV, Instagram @innovv_motocam, YouTube@INNOVV, and INNOVV official website to catch up with all our updates.

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