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INNOVV, Like It! Copy And Steal It?

From below posts on forum, People will agree how the guy likesINNOVV.

But more than that Like it, the guy copied INNOVV, sell it on the B2B website and take it to HK exhibition as the printing on the wall.

I called the guy and he admitted they copied INNOVV, their business logic is Like it, Copy it and Steal it!! He told me building the copied molds is cheap, so they did! He is right, copy is always cheap!! They make cheap product with poor quality.

And I am surprised he never feels shame when I inquired why he is doing so, he told me "My brother, Never mind I did the copy, we could not do business together, why not we can be friend!", He comforted me that the copy may help INNOVV’s brand building and let people well known it, he encouraged me to appreciate his copy.

Some people may know him as he is the active member on DashCamTalk as below, I believe their customers and friends would be scared after learned they stole INNOVV and may others brazenly!

I had the blog DIMIKA and Mycrocam-Who copied Whom?, And mentioned how the copy in Shenzhen, I know the copy of INNOVV may happen, but still could not believe it is so fast! and brazenly!

For sure, He will read this blog, Do you think he feel shame and worry about his reputation? No, we are wrong, He cares nothing expect how fast to make money. After read above, People can see how hard to create the new product and brand in China, always not easy! But I appreciate people's support and encourage as below.

The end, I will let people know the new development has been working on, INNOVV still hold heads high! They copied the product, but could not copy the quality, the brand's reputation, and the communication with people, people’s trust!

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