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INNOVV H5 Helmet Cam Deep Review [Video, Photos, Sound] from

INNOVV created the H5 motorcycle helmet camera for continuously capturing video of the rider’s perspective with the ease of one-handed operation. Where a traditional motorcycle dash cam is fixed in its field of view, the helmet mounting of the H5 records what you look at, what you find interesting, and what got your attention on the ride. The INNOVV H5 is easy to operate, records up to 4K resolution video, and the free INNOVV H5 app works well with Android (7.0 and newer) and iOS (8.3 and newer)—sorry, Windows Phone users.

It is important to emphasize that the INNOVV H5 is a continuous recording device, like a dash cam. You turn it on, and it records; you turn it off, and it stops recording. There is no Stop/Start button, only a glove-friendly On/Off/Photo button. This is a helmet-mounted camera with some action camera functionality. You can use the mobile app to start and stop recording, as long as your H5 has an active WiFi connection to your phone. However, even after setting the H5 WiFi to “never off”, as soon as my iPhone 14 screen saver blanked my screen, the WiFi connection ended. This is a set-it-and-leave-it helmet cam>>>

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