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BEST way to record video [When not on the Motorcycle]

*This video is from Bionic Bikers. Please kindly click here to visit his YouTube channel.

You park you're beloved Motorcycle and head off into a restaurant or a stroll by the beach and when you come back to the carpark some fool has reversed into your bike grrrr... how frustrating is that!

To top it off you'll never find out who it was and end up with a bill for god knows how much.

Well, the #INNOVV5 solves this by activating the cameras as soon as the bike is shunted giving you a full on video recording of what happened.

At least now you'll be armed with the info to give to the authorities who can bring the perp to justice.

All the video gets sent to your phone as well into an app.

It is expensive but you get two cams front and back plus this parked recording alarm and a microphone. There’s 4k video on the front and 1080 in the back. More than enough for getting some good footage.

What do you think? have you tried it? would you?

We think it's a definite safety feature thats always worth considering.

Whilst it may hit the wallet initially the money paid out could save you twice as much if not more in the future.

Can you imagine having a video recording of someone damaging your bike and being able to do something about it. That’s just awesomeness.

Ride Safe


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