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Honda CBR650F Dashcam INNOVV K2

Raw footage from an Innovv K2 dual-channel motorcycle motocam, which includes WiFi, GPS and parking mode, on a 2014 Honda CBR650F. This is not stabilized, and the audio sounds like garbage, because that's what you get. Front camera on my mirror mount, rear camera on my license plate bracket. The GPS is mounted on a front fairing and the recording box is under my seat. The rear video is shown as picture-in-picture here, but it's actually saved in full 1080p/30fps HD as a separate file, just like the front.

I like the security of having a dashcam on a motorbike, but got tired of mounting GoPros, changing batteries, etc. which is a huge pain with how much I ride. So I got this a little over a year ago. The quality is definitely not as good as a GoPro, but you don't even have to think about this: you never have to change batteries, and it turns on/off automatically with your bike. It just loops a few hours of footage so it's there if you need it.

Overall, it's an okay option for filming rides with pros and cons in relation to competing systems. It's cool that it records your speed and location totally by itself with no subscription fee. You can view video from the phone app or transfer files directly from mico-SD card. Yes, the cameras kind of stick out (especially the front), and they aren't the best quality, especially in high-contrast light situations. I like this system enough for what it is, but I didn't buy a second set for my other bike (I go au naturale on my Harley, lol).

As with all my videos, I paid full price and have no relation to the company or any supplier. I'd give it a neutral-to-positive review. I'd like it more on a massive BMW sport-tourer or something where the cameras could be better hidden with other aux lights and farkles. Just visually sticks out a small bike.

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