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Best Places to Use Your Motorcycle Cam

If you are a young person who enjoys riding your motorcycle and who wants to take a year off and explore the world before getting on with your life, there are many beautiful motorcycle trips that you can take.

Before you start out, however, be sure to have a motorcycle cam installed so that you can capture each moment of your trip and relive it in vivid color after your trip.


Ceuta to Marrakesh Loop in Morocco

The Ceuta to Marrakesh Loop in Morocco is said to be the top motorcycle ride in the world. This is the perfect 1,600-mile experience for those looking for old-world charm. Start your journey by heading south out of Ceuta, and ride through the Rif Mountains until you reach Fes.

You will be thankful that your motorcycle cam is working as you ride down the blind alleys in this city of 90,000 as they lead to artistic fountains. After visiting Fes, then ride through the scenic Atlas Mountains to reach the town of Erfoud.

If you are riding during the colder months, one thing that may strike you is the contrast between the snow-capped mountains and the Sahara Desert, Then, take the loop to arrive at Todra Gorge. You will be so thankful that you have your cam as these limestone cliffs unfold on either side of you.

Go slow through Tinerhir as you will be sharing the road with pack camels. You will also ride through Ouarzazate, which is called the gateway of the Sahara before you turn north and ride through Casablanca before completing the loop where you began.


Gotthard Pass in Switzerland

While going to Morocco during your gap year is a great way to experience different ecosystems and cultures, if you are looking for more adventure on your motorcycle trip, try taking the Tremola Road over the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.

This cobblestone road used to be the only way for travelers to get over the Swiss Alps in this location before the nine-mile tunnel was constructed.

The breathtaking views along the road are much better captured from the south, so if you are north of it, take the tunnel to the south end to begin your ride.

The road that was initially laid out between 1827 and 1833 contains 24 bends in under 2.5 miles. When you reach the top, spend time exploring the National Gotthard Museum to learn more about this road’s construction.

Consider staying at the hotel at the summit to explore the area’s hiking trails and lakes.


Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Another one of the best motorcycle rides in the world is found on the 1,885-mile route around Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Start your trip in Anchorage by hopping on the Denali Highway. Head north towards Cantwell, Alaska.

Your dashcam will catch amazing views of the Alaska Range, Wrangell Mountains, and Delta River before you end the first part of the ride in Fairbanks. Then, turn on the Dalton Highway to cross the Yukon River and the Arctic Circle.

Consider spending the night in Coldfoot, Alaska, before riding along the Alaskan pipeline to reach Deadhorse, Alaska. Consider taking the Arctic Ocean Shuttle to explore the area from the water.

This part of the ride offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean, but when you reach the end, you will be 245 miles from the nearest gas station and at the northernmost point of the North American roadway system.

Return to the Dalton Highway and stop and soak in the natural thermal hot springs. Before getting back to Anchorage, take time to enjoy views of Mount Denali to your west.

Taking a year to plan and complete a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle trip is a great way to learn more about yourself and how people interact with each other.

Start planning for one of these remarkable trips as soon as you graduate high school and give yourself a year to complete it.

You will probably discover that when you challenge yourself to meet this goal that you learn more than you will sitting in a college classroom.

At least when you ride a motorcycle equipped with a cam, you will have a wonderful video to remind you of your grand adventures.


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