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What Novel Coronavirus

The Novel Coronavirus, which came without warning, quickly spread across the country.

We as the citizen, would like to share you what we have been seen and experienced.

Dec 8th, 2019, the hospital found few illess had lung disease with unusuall symptom.

Jan, 11th 2020, the Health department of Wuhan City reports 41 persons got Coronavirus affected and one death.

And later on, The government of WuHan and the goverment of China took the action to control Coronavirus.

Traffic control has been imposed in cities across the country.

By reducing the flow of people and vehicles to achieve the suppression of the virus.

As the number of people diagnosed has risen, cities across the province, led by Wuhan, have seen a shortage of medical resources.

In a short time, materials and donations from all over the country have arrived in Wuhan.

At the same time, doctors from all over the country went to Wuhan to provide medical support in spite of their own danger.

And the support of governments and people from all over the world, who are working with us to fight this epidemic.

In order to provide more medical beds, Huoshen Hill Hospitals was built within 10 days, and more hospitals will be ready in few days.

The Gymnasium was also temporarily converted into a place for the treatment of patients.

After a period of control, the index of the novel coronavirus is now levelling off, and more and more patients have been cured and discharged.


Wuhan, just a city which unfortunately chosen by the coronavirus.

Before the outbreak, everyone was looking forward to the annual Spring Festival, ready to welcome 2020.

Thanks to the rapid development of the media, we can get the relevant news on the Internet with the fastest speed.

In this month, we have been moved too much.

Doctors working around the clock, truckers delivering supplies, workers working 24 hours a day to build a new hospital... They were ordinary but great.

And our friends from other countries who keep sending US medical supplies and funding, at this moment, we are one and the same, and we are all working together to get through this.

Even under the cover of the epidemic, love and hope did not dissipate.

We still look forward to tomorrow with hope and enthusiasm.

We sincerely pray for an early end to the novel coronavirus.

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