An unexpected incident, INNOVV K2, helped me record it.

I'm Bob Hampton, located in SoCal. I ride ST1300s. I had a INNOVV K1 on my 2012 (pictured here). On November 12, this year I was hit while riding my 2010, which just happened to have my INNOVV K2 mounted on it! Go to Youtube and put in "2019-11-12-accident", and you should see my video. If you want to see a dashcam of the accident, put in "2019-11-12-accident-dashcam".

I am still waiting to fix my 2010, so for now, I'm riding my 2012 for commuter duty.


While commuting into work, a car in the right decided he needed in the left lane. No signal, just a quick lane change, right into me!


This is the moment the dashcam in the car behind recorded the accident.


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