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Ride like you are 'INVISIBLE'!!!

On May 6th, 2018 my life changed forever.

I was headed home after teaching a Basic Rider Course when a driver pulled out in front of me while I was traveling at 60 MPH. He never looked to check traffic before he did.

At my speed (60 MPH) it would have taken 360 feet (on average) to stop.

I had enough time to precieve the danger and start to react, but no time to actually stop.

The driver was too far within my '4 second Urgent Time' zone (200 feet).

This video shows no matter how alert we are, people are still unpredictable! Please use 360 awareness and SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) every time you are out there.

The camera system used was the Innovv K1 (

-Rick Wyatt

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