INNOVV UK – Blood Bike Fundraising – Please Support

The Blood Bike Service cannot run without the money raised by their members, company donations, anonymous donations and of course you the generous general public.

Through our family business we have been working with Bloodbike groups right across the UK for the last couple of years. They offer a crucial courier service to the NHS totally funded by the charity.

My Fitness Challenge

So I have set myself a fitness challenge that is really going to test me.

But I am focused on achieving my personal goals alongside raising money for this very worthwhile cause.

Without public support they cannot keep providing their completely free service supporting the NHS, which one day, yourselves, friends or family may need to rely on.

So whats my challenge ?

Through lack of a healthy lifestyle for the last few years I have hit 50, over weight and very unfit.

So this challenge is really going to be tough.

My first goal is by 27th October I will have shed 2 stone as a minimum.

No question I have to achieve because on the 27th October I will be doing the following

Back to back !!!

Cycle – Clacton to Walton Pier and back twice = 44k

Run 5k

At the moment I am lucky if I can reach the end of our road.. So the challenge really is on.

Follow my progress below !!!!!

Steve & Jas

Click on the link for more information.


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