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BMW K1600 INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera FITTING

12v switch feed was taken from the right hand front accessory outlet for the power unit, red and black direct to battery. note the accessory outlet has a delay shut off built in (about 1 min) so the unit will stay active after ignition is switch off, if you are running an accessory of the outlet it remains live with a buzzer warning. i ran the wires down the right hand side of the fuel tank taping /cable ties as required the front camera is spot on no vibration (when fitting not double lip in plastic) etc the rear camera is ok but movement from the box/ rack makes the video a bit jumpy probably with weight in the box this will be reduced?

#BMWMotorcycle #INNOVVK2 #MotorcycleDVR #Motorcyclerecordingsystem #Innovvmotocam #motorcycles

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