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INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera Installed on Harley-Davidson Ultra LImited

Thanks Willey for photos of the INNOVV K2 installed on his Harley-Davidson Ultra LImited.

After reading the included instructions, went back to website and did some review of other installs.

Pulled the saddlebags, and seat. Placed the rear camera under the tour pack on the left side of License plate.

Placed the front camera under the headlight, had to drill a hole (not my favorite) for the mounting bolt. Was the only way to get the

camera centered on the front.

Ran front camera wiring up under the gas tank panel then down and under the seat connected to the DVR which i placed above my battery and electronics under the seat.

Rear camera wiring is run along the left side saddlebag mount, up under the seat.

I have an adjustable back rest, so there is a large pocket under the seat that allows for placement of all the wires.

GPS wire is under the passenger backrest cushion, placed the GPS in the Left arm rest (for now). Will see it that picks up.

If not will place on the side or top of the Tour Pack. Wiring for GPS module is near the hinge side of Tour Pack to reduce

tension on wire.

Power converter is under the right side panel, small space. Ran wiring through frame to left side panel using the accessory connector and fuse box located there.

#INNOVVK2 #Motorcyclerecordingsystem #Honda #motorcyclecamera #Innovvmotocam

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