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INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera Install on 2018 Triumph Tiger 800Xca

There is no doubt that in a technology-based fast-moving society that we sometimes need help to cope with it all and having a motorcycle-mounted accessory that enhances both the riding experience and riding safety isn’t a bad thing, especially when the Mark 1 eyeballs have other situational awareness tasks to handle.

Just such an accessory is the INNOVV K2 dual-channel camera system. Its front and rear views (or wherever the lens point) and always-on HD video recording, augmented with time, speed, and positional data tagged to the video files make it truly one of the easiest and most reliable ways to ‘capture the ride’.

And given its features and functional parameters, the INNOVV K2 is also a passive and discrete safety tool, keeping a visual, audio and positional record of riding time; but when and if needed, this record can become critical information.

#INNOVVK2 #Motorcyclerecordingsystem #Motorcycledashcam #Innovvmotocam

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