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INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera System On Scooter

INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera system on scooter

These photos try to illustrate how I installed the INNOVV K2 camera system on my new Kymco People 125 S, released in September 2018.

To avoid any unnecessary “damage” to the scooter I decided to fit the front camera using one of the already existing holes close to the left handle. (These holes I believe are meant for attaching plastic hand protectors that exist as complement.)

As for the rear camera I found no other way than to drill a hole in the rear carrier, which in the end resulted in a very steady and secure place for the rear camera.

The front camera cable was partly installed with the help of a long stick to avoid having to remove the bottom covers from the scooter.

The rear camera cable was inserted through the left chassis hole together with one of the screws holding the rear carrier.

I installed the GPS unit under the seat to avoid external exposure. No reception problems.

The only suitable power cable I had available was a two-coloured white/blue cable. The red and black cables on the converter were connected to the white(+)/blue(-) wires, respectively. These cables were connected to the main 12V battery, which is placed in the front under the headlight. The yellow cable on the converter was connected to one of the cables under the seat delivering power to the backlight. I used a voltmeter to determine the correct one before cutting it and doing the connection.

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