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INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera System was installed on 2012 Harley-Davidson Road King Police bike

I have received my new K2 and have installed and it's running well.

I just have one issue I have run into, using use DashCam Viewer for my videos.

I have an INNOVV K1, which I’ve had since last year, and the new INNOVV K2. The K1 seems to format videos in a way that DashCam Viewer automatically combines into picture and picture (PIP). Namely, The K1 gives me two files (20180227-1806_CAM1_0004.MP4 & 20180227-1806_CAM2_0005.MP4), DashCam Viewer combines these files a PIP format with front & rear cameras.

The K2 names the files differently, resulting in each recording being recognized as a separate video, and never combining them into PIP. The naming with the K2 looks like this: 2018_0823_140547_403F.MP4 & 2018_0823_140548_404R.MP4. I can rename them to follow the other format and then they are recognized by DashCam Viewer as PIP, but this has to be done manually, and would be a painstaking process to do to a lot of files.

The Question is, can the K2 be configured to format the video files the way the K1 does?

I’ve already checked the preferences for the K2 app, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to control this at the user level, so I believe it would need to be a firmware change. I’ve already looked at DashCam Viewer to see if it could be configured in a way to recognize the K2 naming convention, but I don’t see controls for this. I’ve emailed the developer of the app to ask his opinion.

Good news. John has just released a new version of Dashcam Viewer (v3.1.2) that improves compatibility with the INNOVV K2. If you load your movie folder, Dashcam Viewer 3.1.2 will be able to do the front/rear movie pairing now. You can download it from here:

Thanks David and John get this issue resolved.

#INNOVVK2 #motorcycles #HarleyDavidsonFLHTKUltraLimited

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