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5 Destinations to hit this season in Australia for a solo bike ride!!!

The smallest continent on the planet, Australia has its own share of glory. With the range of biodiversity and geographical features, it’s one of the favorites for travelers.

Added to this is the supreme luxury available almost everywhere. Whether you are planning a safari or you are headed for the beaches – accommodation and food are quite affordable.

You might be gulping on your favorite brandy liquor in a luxurious resort or a reasonable beach shack, the place is really safe and traveler friendly. This makes it a top destination for solo travelers, especially those who are going on a bike exploration to uncover the mysteries of unknown places.

So, here is a list of places where you can enjoy your solo journey. Where you can let your hair down and enjoy your as well as the thrilling life outside. Speaking of tequila and drinks, do keep a trick or two about the local liquor of this place. Maybe you can pick up some skills here and showcase them at the next dinner party you host.

1. The Tasmanian Route

Courtesy: Bike RoundOz

There’s nothing stopping you from taking the ultimate bike route. This is the most thrilling and daredevil of them all. Bikers love it as it provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city and its harbor from up above the Mt. Wellington located at a height of 1271m. An ethereal hiking and biking trail.

It’s a 4-5 days trail through islands which starts from Launceston and within no time the whole island is yours. The wilds, the city, the winding path all is yours. As you go about the place you will find the Wineglass Bay in Freycinet. It’s a narrow stretch at the east coast of the down.

Mt. Wellington is located at 2 hours ride from there. So, there you go to a breathtaking trail through an enchanting route in 4 days of time.

Please keep in mind the climate here is quite cold and windy so skip the chilly Antarctic winters. By all means, eat healthy local food. It’s part of the healthy living that we vouch for but often forget while traveling.

2. The Racy Goulburn Trail

This is the holy grail of Australian bike routes as this is the inception point of the Australian bike racing scene in 1914.

This quiet district down in New South Wales is known for the Australian Grand Prix. In fact, there’s a Grand Prix Memorial built to commemorate the first Australian Grand Prix held in 1924.

The district is full of thrill and adventure with features such as Gorge and limestone caves. The pristine beauty of the Begonia George and the deep limestone caves hold the mysteries of the earth.

3. Ride through the Chittering Valley


A picturesque landscape of a valley swiped with vineyards and orchards set in the background of the hills awaits you. A few kilometers north-east of Perth resides this lush green fields flanked by the Margaret River.

This 8-day trail is an ideal trail for solo bikers who wish to enjoy a day solitude amidst nature, enjoying the treasuries. It is here that you savor those delicious locally brewed liquor and perhaps learn some tricks and tread of the business. So, riding through Swan and Chittering Valley is a must.

Also, don’t miss the biggest food and wine festival in Australia which happens every October in this area. Fremantle, Busselton, Valley of Giants and Pemberton are the places to visit for their iconic wildlife and marine life.

4. The Beaches of Esperance

This is ideal for those seeking a quiet breezy getaway along the shores. Esperance and its beaches is the right place for you to unwind, relax and enjoy. Maybe even try out some yoga and meditation stuff.

Generally, it takes 9 days on a motorcycle ride to complete the trail in this region. You can stop by at various places and enjoy the local food scene. Take a ride on the coastal drive and spot creatures like whales and kangaroos. It’s a perfect place to embrace happy and healthy living.

5. The Coral Route to Exmouth

Source: Australian Traveller

This 4-day trail is the one which takes you closest to the ethereal reefs of Australia. In about 3 days you can reach Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth from.

First, take a ride to Geraldton and then to Carnarvon in 4 and 5 hours respectively. Stay there and head to the Coral Coast Tourist Park and the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park. While you are at it, do enjoy the pork delicacies of Sails Restaurant in Carnarvon.

Remember this a trail through dirty and dusty roads so keep in mind the weather and the termites.

So, pack your bags and head for these solo bike trails.


Jessica Smith is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for travelling, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for true corset for some time now. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures

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