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INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Camera installed on BMW R1200GS

Just a few pictures of an experimental lens mount for my INNOVV C5 motorcycle camera fitted to a BMW R1200GS. It might be of interest to others out there.

I have done a Google search for 25mm clamps and am going to experiment with one design I liked if it is successful. (The clip from INNOVV is on right, The right clip was made by Infinitly of Italy)

This is the camera in the new thicker mount, it is not as neat as the OEM version but is a lot sturdier and virtually unbreakable. I am hopping because of its thick construction it will reduce the vibration.

This is the slide view of the camera in the new thicker clip, the camera can be moved back and forth with slight effort, but needs a lot of effort to rotate it because of four thin ribs in the clip that clamp the camera and stop it rotating because of the vibration.

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