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INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installation into 2016 BMW R1200RT LC

I decided to mount the unit in one of the small “glove” boxes (on my RH side) It locks, yet is quickly accessible. This allowed me to wire and cable under the RH front panel.

To get a good fit without cable extensions, I used the long cable camera for the rear and the short cable camera for the front. I changed the connection at the unit so that the front camera (marked “Front” on the end of the USB cable) was plugged into the “rear” connection, and the Rear labelled USB was connected to the ” front” connection.

The cameras need to be mounted with the cable going up. I chose the center of the rear reflector, under the tail light with the included double sided tape. Routing the cable for the rear camera was strait forward. The camera in the front was also clear.

The power lead went to the battery. (In the pictures, I also have a louder horn that required a power relay.) The ground was attached to the antenna ground. The “switched “ power was accessed from the red wire with a green tracer. This lead does not shut off for a minute after the bike is turned off.

GPS/Speaker was mounted under the black panel near the factory power connector. The speaker is plenty loud enough, and the GPS has no problem with satellite acquisition.

The camera/save button was mounted on the side of the Glove box area where the Unit resides.

Remove the painted RH panel (2 screws from underneath, and 2 plugs to be pried off <<Gently> there are also 2 clips at the rear ward edge that need to slide the panel to the back of the bike to disengaged. You will also need to remove the battery cover.

The glove box has a BMW connector for USB in this box area. There is a cable hole plug that needs to be pushed out, and a hole made in it. This allows all 5 cables (save button, power connector, front camera, rear camera, GPS/Speaker cable to route to the unit. To gain more access to that rubber plug, I had to remove the air intake horn (one screw, and lots of wiggling…..even more wiggling to get it back in when you are finished). Take mental notes when you pull it out.

If the hole is too small, the rubber plug will not seat properly. I had to cut the hole “open” to get all the cables through.

Pictures of both mounting spots are included.

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