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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera Review

Ever since I started riding I have always had a helmet cam rolling in case of incident (for insurance). One problem I had with this though was the short battery life (without an external pack). Last year I was coming back late at night when I was narrowly missed by a drunk driver with a flat tyre, who sped past me, rear ended a car right in front of me before driving off. I stopped and gave my details to the driver who was hit but unfortunately the claim was unresolved. Had my camera not run out of battery the evidence could have been very useful. I was just lucky it wasn't me making the claim that time.

After searching I around I found the Innovv K1, a small discrete dual camera system that wires into the ignition to act as a 'set and forget' dashcam.

The unit records 2 channel video (front and rear camera) @ 1080p 30fps with GPS data embedded into video. It also comes with a button which can be used to protect video files and move them to a separate folder (while recording).


Upon installing the replacement unit I found it kept restarting as soon as the engine was started and would continuously restart. Searching online I found I wasn’t the only one with this problem. Others had suggested using the provided clip to secure the USB plugs for the cameras, power etc. but I was already using that. Another user suggested using ferrite cores around the cables to reduce electromagnetic interference but this didn’t help me either.

In the end I solved it by re-routing the rear camera cable away from all of the other cables in my bike (particularly my rear tail light cables) and this seemed to solve the issue and it has worked reliably since. The issue never happened with just the front camera plugged in and only occurred with the rear camera plugged in so I guess it must have been some kind of electromagnetic interference in the rear camera cable causing issues.

Front camera

Rear camera

DVR install

Click below link to see more details.

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