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INNOVV Power Hub1 & K1 installed on Can-Am Spyder Limited

I like to shoot videos of some of our rides. I have used a Sony Handycam, dash mounted, and a GoPro Hero3+ Black, both dash mounted and helmet chin bar mounted. The results from these sources have been rather satisfying. The problem is I do not always set up a camera prior to a ride. We ride quite a bit and some times when I don't have a camera set up I miss some views that I wish I was prepared to capture. So I started to look for alternatives and came across the INNOVV K1 set up. With permanently mounted front AND rear lens and a central DVR with GPS I think this is what I want. It starts recording when the bike is started and stops when the bike to shut down.

Installed INNOVV Power Hub1 on our 2014 CanAm Spyder RT Limited as initial step before installing the company's K1 2 channel dashcam system.

INNOVV K1 Camera System installation

Part 1

Part 2

Road Test

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