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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera Installed 2014 Triumph America

I am interested in getting INNOVV K1 unit but I don't think there is room under the seat for the recording unit. Would you know of other possible mounting places on a 2014 Triumph America?- Joe Jove

You can see click below link to see people installed K1 on Triumph's mode, but no Triumph America, you should be the first one.

Do you have saddle bags like below?- Helen Chen

My bike is the LT which has the saddle bags as below. So, I’m thinking of running the wires to the left saddle bag and have the DVR in there. - Joe Jove

Well received our order, and thanks for your purchasing.

We expect you can share your comment/idea/experience for our product, your supports can make us better, and more and more people can know it and use it.

You can see below people's sharing, have fun and enjoy! - Helen Chen

I have enclosed pics on INNOVV K1 install in case you would like to use them. So far the system works well and I am pleased with the product.- Joe Jove

Front Camera

Rear camera

DVR & Converter


Control button

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