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EMI from Motorcycle and Solution

I have an amateur radio (50w UHF/VHF/APRS) on my motorcycle, INNOVV k1 reboots when you start the bike not due to the voltage but due to an RF spike from the ignition coil. Similarly, if you have a radio transmitter (I’m an amateur radio operator and my bike has a 50w Yaesu radio on it), the system will reboot occasionally when you transmit.

The solution was to put RF chokes on each of the four USB lines. They’re small and cheap - I spent $10 on a pack of four. Once clamped into place on each of the USB cables the system would no longer reboot at random, even when I started the bike. Also, the recorded video has much less dropouts and digital noise compared to before. Much, much better!

I would suggest in the future you consider shipping USB cables with RF chokes on them to avoid this problem, or putting it in your manual to have people add them on their own (since they are so cheap).

Below is purchasing link, the diameter is 9mm, the cable can accross twice through the hole.

10 Pcs UF90B Clip-on Ferrite Ring Core Black for 9mm Diameter Cable

I love my K1 system and am even happier now that it works better. :)

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