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INNOVV Power Hub1 installed on BMW F800

A few posts ago I showed how I added auxiliary power to my F800. I wasn’t completely satisfied with my relay and fuse block setup I installed. When I was searching on INNOVV’s C3 camera I found the Power Hub 1. It consist of a control module and 5 inline fuses circuits to add your accessories. Each fuse is rated for 5 amps, with a total of 40 amps for all circuits. It is designed to be connected directly to the battery with both power and ground. The power wire has an inline 40 amp fuse. There is also a trigger wire and a ground output wire.

More details, click below link,

#BMWF800ST #Motorcyclepowerdistribution #motorcyclepowermanagement #Switchedpowersource #INNOVVPowerHub

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