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The 12th Annual Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards!

2017 brings the 18th year that webBikeWorld has been online and the webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year Awards are a webBikeWorld New Year's tradition.

This is when we recognize our favorite motorcycle products and accessories, chosen from all of the interesting gear we reviewed in the prior year.

The criteria for a webBikeWorld Motorcycle Product of the Year is simple: it's a product which, in our opinion, combines the most unique, interesting and useful features along with good value to make it stand out from the crowd.

2016 Merit Awards: The INNOVV Power Hub

Two products deserve honorable mentions for 2016: INNOVV Power Hub, INNOVV K1 motorcycle dashcam

The INNOVV Power Hub (review) allows you to connect up to 5 different accessories such as lights, horns, power outlets and more.

It's powered with the ignition so it turns on and off with the bike. A shared ground connection keeps everything tidy.

It's simple, easy to use and rugged. And it's very inexpensive.

More details, You can click below link,

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