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INNOVV Power Hub1 Install on BMW R1200 GS

I got INNOVV Power Hub 1 to power extra accessories like phones and my two GoPros. It gives you 5 circuits switched 12 volts with a 5 amps fuse per circuit. The fuse can be replaced per your need, Max 15A is for a single circuit, Max 40A is for total 5 circuits.

I liked this because it's water and dust proof plus it's very cheap. The full details can be found here

The Power Hub 1

The size

The Leads,

The lead to the battery were far too short so I needed to buy extra wire to lengthen the cables.

I also added superseal connectors on the four of the leads and a SAE connector on the last one.

You get a single ground lead and I tied all 5 grounds to this single lead.

I used the rear tail light feed for the trigger wire.

The install,

The unit fits absolutely perfectly under the tail section on my 2016 BMW R1200GS.

#INNOVVPowerHub #Motorcyclepowerdistribution #motorcyclepowermanagement

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