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Motorcycle Crash and Get Recorded

Mike had install INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Black Box on his Kawasaki Z1000 half year before as below, INNOVV motorcycle camera DVR in pelican 1040 box

Few days ago, Mike sent other message, I wanted to check back in with you. Your camera system saved me and the accident was totally the other drivers fault. Some one did U-turn in front of me while on the bike, which is now totaled...

I will start posting in the forums for you. I'm more than happy to do that for you. The k1 system has more than paid for itself by recording my accident on the bike.I doubt the police would have believed my story if I wasn't able to show them the video at the scene of the accident. Mike said.

It is lucky that the accident got recorded that helps to verify what is wrong indeed, and that strengthens our conviction that the motorcycle cameras we design and develop is to protect riding and create fun.

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