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Installation of INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Camera on a BMW R1200RT Iconic

I had INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on my previous bike (BMW R1200RT) and swapped them to my new bike in November 2016, the only difference was that INNOVV kindly supplied me with a waterproof lens cover for each camera.

Having previously run with the cameras in the same locations on the bike for 6 months, I knew they would work well when I swapped them over.

The new bike I installed them on is a 2016 BMW R1200RT Iconic (limited edition 100th anniversary model).

Front setup:

I made a custom bracket out of Aluminium Flat Bar (easily obtainable from a well known auction site), and simply bent the ends to form the exact shape to slide into the front of the fairing. I had intended to hold it in place with the two screws already in the fairing (and drilled two holes in readiness), but I found that the fit was so snug that all I needed was two 3m double sided sticky pads to easily hold it securely in place.

After riding with it for 6 months previously, it never moved once.

The camera is suspended from the bracket by use of an Anti-Vibration Rubber Damper Dampening Ball, Bar (easily obtainable from a well known auction site), with a small metal tube inside to provide a level of regularity without losing the damping effect.

The camera cable is fed up through the fairing and over the engine, past the battery side and into the space under the front seat where the VCR is located.

I wrapped the cable in flame retardant sheathing for added safety.

Rear Setup:

The rear was slightly easier. I used an M10 Grey Pivot Bracket Standoff U Steel Metal Fixing (easily obtainable from a well known auction site), and drilled a small hole in the rear rack to mount it. Fixing was by use of INNOVV supplied screws.

The cable is then simply routed under the rear seat to the DVR.

DVR positioning:

Housed in the left side panel, accessible via under the riders seat.

Power connection:

On my previous bike I installed a PDM60 Power Distribution Module and used that to feed the DVR. I took the rear 12v din socket cable under the rear seat as a trigger for the ignition. This was an elegant solution and worked perfectly, the unit auto switching off any a few seconds from ignition turning off. It did however require slightly extra work installing the PDM and tapping into the ignition trigger wire.

This time, rather than install the PDM (as I don’t need to feed lots of accessories), I went for the Optimate 90 degree waterproof DIN plug with 2 USB outlets and plugged it into the rear 12v din socket on the bike. This unit fits perfectly on this RT and provides a very neat and simple solution, with the added bonus that it is hidden from view and looks like part of the original bike setup. Powering the DVR is then dead easy; simply plug in the USB cable.

The bike powers down the rear socket when the ignition is switched off, but the Optimate unit also has a protective circuit in it that does the same if your bike doesn’t automatically switch off power when the ignition is turned off. So double protection.

I didn’t install GPS or remote switch.

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