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INNOVV Motorcycle Camera On A Boat

My boat is built in 2004 and completely renovated in 2011 when I bought her.

This type of boat is very popular in Hungary (there is more than 55 piece in the lake Balaton)

The boat type is Nautic 311C originally designed and manufactured Andrej Justin slovenian

yacht designer. the original type was FastWave 30.

The boat is belongs to the “Performance Cruiser” category.

The NauticBoat Ltd. was the Hungarian manufacturer who made 3 different subtype of the

original called 311C, 330C and 330R. These three subtypes are same 95% and compete in

a same class.

My boat’s name is Fanatic. We compete with her for 5 years and the last 3 years with the same crew. We have started 60 races and won 20 x 1st, 15 x 2nd and 5 x 3rd prizes.

INNOVV cameras are equipped with 5 meters high approximately. The camera cables run inside

the mast. Due to the maximal length of the cables(6 meters, that is custom made) the central unit was mounted on the mast side. The camera works in the car dashboard mode.

This is my boat - the red circle indicates the position of the cameras (both sides…)

Mounting process, the cables goes inside of the mast.

The result in left side

And the right

DVR inside in the cabin.

Usually the critical point in the race the buoy bypass and this operation can be seen on the well

equipped cameras. This is an example video:

A few pictures from race…

Fured Cup 2016

#Motovlog #Motorcyclecamera

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