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INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera/gps installed on Ducati 2004 ST4S

What a great motorcycle system INNOVV K1 is. I took some extra time to do install on my Ducati 2004 ST4S so it would look perfect when it was completed.

I received the INNOVV MotoCam very fast after I purchased it over the internet. (A couple of days)

I ordered the K1 full HD dual camera system with GPS. I wont be attaching the GPS though.

I don't think it would be a good idea to show how fast I ride, especially if I have to use the video in court case.

If I get a speeding ticket it is probably because I was speeding.

I was surprised how small the overall system is. You can see photos of other installs but until you actually hold them it is hard to tell.

Here are a couple pics of how it arrived and a quick unpacking. I thought it might be helpful to see actually what comes in the box.

I noticed in other installs that some people had to make their own mounting brackets for the cameras. INNOVV is now sending two mounting brackets with screws, washers and lock washers.

But, I think a couple more universal nuts/screws/washers for mounting would be a good idea. Just a thought.

The cameras are made out of a machined aluminum and very sturdy and heavy!

Luckily the mounting bracket for my rear top box had a long enough screw with lock nut that I did not have to drill any new holes to mount the rear facing camera.

If you look at the camera you can see a small hole on the right side. The camera has three different mounting setups, top and sides.

I was able to attach the video transmission cable along top box support arms, and was a small enough gap under the plastic to fish the cable.

I had to supply the zip ties.

I tried mounting the camera lens a little farther back but the camera view angle is so wide that it would catch the underside of the rack.

I mounted the front camera with a screw that was holding up bracket. Once again the camera view is extra wide and catches the top of my faring. So be prepared to mount it so that you don't obstruct its viewing angle.

Front camera under the faring.

I routed the cables into the pouch under the seat. The recorder does get pretty hot. So if you want to pull the chip out right after you have been riding don't be surprised that it is bit hot.

I mounted the indicator button on my brake reservoir. I wish this red light was a bit brighter, it is hard to see in the day light. I have to cup my hand over it to see the light.

So after the install and it recording for the last month or so I am very impressed. Highly recommend.

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