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INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on Yamaha YZF R3

I just wanted to follow up w/ pictures of my installation. Apologies for the delayed response, but the planning phase for running the wires and suitable mounting locations took longer than expected, and I also went with a power distribution module, which you can see in one of the photos, as my switched power supply source (so I can wire in other accessories in the future) which added complexity. In addition, I wanted to test the setup for a few weeks to make sure things looked good before sending pictures of my mounting setup to you.

You can probably guess even without the photos that the Yamaha R3, being a sportbike, has very limited storage space, so compromises had to be made, but overall I'm very pleased with everything. I chose to put the unit under the seat, which requires tools to remove so it's not easily accessible, even though it would fit in the rear storage tray because I wanted to keep the rear storage tray free for my disc lock. The storage tray with the 12V-5V DC converter visible underneath is included in one of the pictures. I forgot to take a picture of the GPS mounting position, but it's in a concealed spot near the dash and still receives a strong signal. In the future when I take that piece off, I'll try to remember to take a picture as well.

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