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INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on Ducati Multistrada 1200

Here's some sharing of how I installed my K1 riding recorder system onto my Ducati Multistrada 1200. As soon as I have received the package from Innovv, I can't wait to unbox it to take peek of the system. Boy I'm so impress with the built quality of the product, the beefy built of the 2 waterproofed cameras, and although the CPU/recorder unit is built of plastic, but they are good quality plastics. Overall, I'm happy with the amount of details Innovv has put it into the design for both functionality and materials. It is also very thoughtful of them to includes extra sets of 3M double-sided adhesives, cable clips and even the screws & L-shaped brackets are also well built, corrosion resisted! I can't wait till tomorrow comes and so I could begin with the installations.

Anyway, the below are the results of my installations on my Multistrada.

Front camera location.

L-shaped bracket is securely bolted against my Evotech oil cooler protector. It was fixed with the provided 3M adhesive, same location, but underneath the headlamp. But I don't feel secure, and so I redo it with the L-bracket, instead.

The rear camera is installed beneath my top case mount, secured with the provided L-shaped bracket, as well.

The DVR unit is installed beneath the pillion seat. Due to limited space available from Multistrada itself, this is the only place I could install my additional electronic gadgets.

The GPS/Speaker unit, on my windshield extender.

The power wire are routed to my Eastern Beaver PC8 fuse box which is located under the rider seat. It is connected to the switched fuse, so that the K1 DVR will automatically switched on/off together with the motorcycle.

And lastly, here is where I install the button. Good visibility and easily accessible even during riding.

Here are a few things which I think Innovv K1 could be improved: 1) waterproofing (or, at least splash proof) both the GPS and CPU unit 2) provide more mounting options. The L-shape brackets provided is a bit short. By providing another 2 sets of 4" long bracket will certainly helpful.

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