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INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on Honda Goldwing 1800cc 2001

I installed INNOVV K1 Motorcycle Dashcam on my 2001 Gold wing 1800cc which has run for 183,000 miles.

as I was able to make a good connection by wrapping both cables with a rubber band. The disadvantage of mounting the camera on the mirror is, some view is lost looking to the right. If I turn the camera towards the right too much I can see part of the bodywork. No problem for me. I didn't want to drill into the plastic on the front of the motorcycle, like one guy did.

I'm using the top left compartment to store the power converter, DVR and cables. The disadvantage of that compartment is, it doesn't need a key to open it.

The right compartment uses the ignition key to open it, and is somewhat water proof. I chose to use the left compartment as that's where I stored the previous camera, and the compartment is deeper than the right side. It also has the 12v hookup controlled by the ignition switch. It's a little hard seeing the controller LED in the daylight. I might move it to an area where it's easier to see. If one rides at night, then a brighter LED would be an irritant. Too bright. I don't ride at night anymore anyway. Regards Phil

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