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Ride & Race with INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera

I'm 26 and have only been riding for 4 years, so not very long. However, I try to pick up the skills quick: as I don't own a car, I ride about 16K miles per year on my BMW K1300R and do multiple courses of different types every year: trial, off-road (Hechlingen, Germany), agility & safety, skid courses and many trackday riding courses. I live in Belgium and ride all weather from sunny to rainy and snowy. I regularly go on trips to the Swiss and Italian Alps.

I bought the dedicated 2006 Yamaha R1 trackbike on the pictures one year ago and now take it onto the track about 10-15 days per year, mostly in Zolder and Francorchamps and sometimes in Assen and Mettet. Ever since I started riding on the track I started experimenting with many different dashcam types of cameras. Many of them have been installed, failed a few races later because of the vibrations, moist, EMI, etc... and were thrown in the garbage again. The Innovv K1 is the fifth I try and has been functioning very well. The biggest advantages are the size and weight and the fact that mine turns on every time I turn the bike on, which means every race is recorded automatically. I crashed hard on Francorchamps last year without knowing why. Thanks to the front and rear camera footage I was able to identify the mistake I made. Crash once, shame on me, crash twice ... that's just unnecessary ;-).

The GPS speed measuring is also very helpful in comparing laps and e.g. different ways of negotiating the Francorchanmps Eau Rouge - Raidillon turn and their effect on the eventual Kemmel Straight top speed. The recording unit is below the seat, hooked to switched power. I use 3M stick mounts to mount the front and rear cameras. This gives me a lot of flexibility of placing the cameras where I want depending on what I want to analyse: The set-up as on the photos is mostly for standard nice videos of the track and riding. However the front camera can be put very easily on the steering wheel where I can see my dashboard including engine temperature and revs. The rear camera can be put on the tip of the rear sit, filming my back. This way I already discovered some errors in my shifting and especially my leaning that I was not aware of. Very helpful !

The K1 is now taken of the R1 and will be installed on my K1300R. With that bike I will take a one-month trip to South Europe this summer including trackdays on Monza, Mugello, Misano and Imola. I'll make sure to share some footage and experiences of that as well.

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