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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle dashcam installed on Triumph Tiger 800 XCx

It took me a fair while but mainly because I had to think carefully about where I wanted INNOVV K1 Motorcycle dashcam on my Triumph Tiger 800 XCx. I didn’t want them easily visible or protruding. I also wanted to make as few holes in my bike as possible. I also don’t like to see wires where they aren’t supposed to be. The wires were routed under the tank and along the chasis and hooked to the existing loom. In addition I also covered each wire with shrink tubing and then covered the loom (in all there were two wires: the ignition dependent wire and the camera cable) with another shrink tube. This made it robust and protected it more from the heat of the engine.

I had to make the brackets you see because I do not have a ready supply of bracket solutions as the shops here are not very imaginative. (I live in Spain).

The only hole I had to make was the one in the flyscreen; the fixture for the rear camera is attached to the existing indicator fixture via a home made angled piece of steel. The positioning is not perfect because you get a view of the indicator but discretion was paramount (important) because people like to steal things here. Both cameras have rubber “O” rings where they attach to reduce any vibration and as you can see from the footage, they do not vibrate at all.

Front camera

It’s a good idea to make a diagram of the cables and wires because it saves a lot of re-shrinktubing afterwards; it leaves it much tidier if there is only one cable in the form of a loom rather than lots of wires tied together.

Rear camera

A word on wiring solutions. This was another reason it took me the best part of a month to install properly. I opted to buy a" FUZE BOX”. A fuze box comes with the relay, is much tidier than wiring a relay and you have up to six slots to use for other accessories. In line with that to the CTRL box went the converter and then the CTRL box. The fuze box fits nicely under the top box cover where there is a nice space for all the cable slack and fuze box.



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