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3D printed mounts for INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installing on 2015 VStrom 650

I live in Northern Virginia and roam the Shenandoah area as well as parts of WV and MD. I originally installed the INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system on my 2015 VStrom 650 on a front fork brace and off of the rear license plate. Both vibrated too much for the images to be consistently clear. In order to have a more stable, neat and fairly inconspicuous setup I designed mounts that were printed through (I should have made them black though).

I used TinkerCAD to design the mounts and worked through someone on to have them printed. They were around $8 - 10 each.. I had never designed anything 3d before, the web site is pretty intuitive and has tutorials.

The front mount:

The front camera is mounted on a bracket that is attached to an Over-the-dash GPS mount from Adventure Tech, LLC (great V-Strom products): The Garmin GPS is not mounted on the RAM ball in these pictures. I’ll be redesigning the front bracket, it’s too bulky as it is now.

The read mount:

The DVR and GPS receiver are located under the seat. This allows for easy access to the SD card.

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