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Happy with INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera

I live in the UK and have been riding for 18 months with my Yamaha FZS 1000, I have been using a Contour Roam POV camera fixed to my helmet and decided to look into a fixed camera system. After researching a number of other camera systems I came across the K1 motorcycle camera from INNOVV and really liked the front and rear camera setup as well as the loop recording and complete kit. It was reasonably priced and once ordered was delivered extremely quickly and with no fuss.

I received the Camera and was really impressed with the system especially as the cameras looked well made with metal bodies and the connections were sturdy and very clear being marked so there was no way of connecting the system up wrong. The first job was to decide how to mount the cameras and also where to store the DVR and how to wire it up.

I decided to locate the DVR unit under the seat and based on that worked out how to route the wiring and mount the cameras. I opted to fix the front camera under the front fairing facing forward and this way the fairing offered some kind of protection from the sun and weather.

My Son made up the brackets for the front camera and using the DVR unit I worked out the best position and then mounted the front camera and fed the front camera wiring through underneath the fuel tank along the bikes existing wiring to the rear of the bike where the DVR unit would be located. (FIRST PROBLEM doing this caused interference and so I had to move the wiring slightly to cut out the interference, I contacted INNOVV regarding the interference and they were brilliant and responded instantly giving advice to why the interference may have been caused and recommended moving the wiring away from existing wiring looms, this done the interference disappeared.

The rear mounting was designed by my son who came up with making a curtain to mount underneath my Givi rear top box plate, He made out of metal a plate that curved around the contour of the base plate and then used car body filler and coated the metal plate. Whilst the body filler was drying he used a wet sponge to create the stippled effect to make it look like part of the top box base plate. He then drilled a hole through the plate so the camera could be mounted and using L brackets he mounted the camera to the plate and to add additional protection to the camera lens mounted a clear piece of plastic between the camera and the metal plate.

I wired the rear camera through the rear light cluster and connected it up to the DVR unit, I installed the GPS system behind the rear light cluster inside the bike, and mounted the record button on the fairing near to the left hand side of the handlebars.

The footage from both cameras is excellent and extremely clear and vibration free. It pays to take time thinking about camera positions and mounting but the end results are fantastic and I am really impressed with the system. I would Highly recommend INNOVV K1 Motorcycle camera to anyone who wants to record their riding or to add protection in case of an accident.

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