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BMW R1150GS Adventure and INNOVV motorcycle camera K1

I got INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera system installed on my BMW R1150GS Adventure yesterday and took some photos and took it for its first ride today.

Front camera is mounted off my driving lights from the crash bars because the front sub frame (healights and instruments and screen) vibrates too much when riding on bumpy roads. I get a bit of engine vibration distortion in the images on the front camera, but no worse than any other camera and mount I have tried.

The rear camera is mounted below my rear rack, which is pretty rock solid for cameras from past experience.

The DVR is mounted in its pouch under the rear of the tank as there is just no room for it under the seat. The pouch is attached to the top of my intercom with 3M duallock (in turn the intercom is mounted to the top of the air box the same way.

The Save/record button is mounted on the centre of my bars just above the fog light switch. I tried a ring of black duct/insulation tape to seal the button, but found that didn't stick. I will experiment with other sealing solutions. ;o)

I haven't installed the GPS unit, as I have a separate GPS anyway, and just want INNOVV K1 camera system for video.

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