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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle camera installed on 2011 Victory Vision Tour

I have just finished the instillation of the K1 system on my 2011, Victory Vision Tour. Had to swap the cameras around as the rear was too short for my bike. Made a couple of new brackets to hold the cameras as mounting points are scarce on this beast!

I’m still adjusting the cable route on the rear camera as its picking up some interference when the engine is running. Not a lot, the picture appears to “shimmy” but it doesn’t affect the overall view and stills taken from the video are not affected.

Haven’t found a convenient mounting point for the GPS module yet, so have left it off until I do.

The DVR is kept in its pouch in the “glove box” as can be seen by the attached photos. This allows easy access to remove the card if necessary and keeps the unit dry.

The power is taken from the auxiliary power socket (cigarette lighter socket) in the glove box (hard wired in), which is only “hot” when the ignition is on.

Also attached are photos of the location front and rear cameras.

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