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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle camera install on Yamaha TW200

I have a 2008 Yamaha TW200 that I use for commuting to work and off road trips. I have been looking for a permanent camera recording solution for the motorcycle for sometime. The Innovv K1 motorcycle camera checked all of my requirements - rugged, small waterproof cameras, wide angle view, discreet, GPS with on video stamp, both front and rear cameras and small DVR unit.

Although I ordered additional mounts for the cameras, I found that the included small metal brackets in the kit were sufficient to install the cameras. Inovv K1 motorcycle camera kit includes everything to install the system including mounting hardware, small right angle brackets, cables and a 12 V USB power adapter. The kit does not include a microSD card.

The front camera is installed just below the front headlight on an existing bolt that secures the headlight frame as shown in these pictures:

The front camera cable was routed through the front headlight harness and followed the cable bundle to the middle of the motorcycle were the K1 recording unit was located.

The rear camera is installed just below the vehicle license plate on the rear fender. Inovv K1 motorcycle camera kit bracket was bent a little to ensure the camera was pointing out and down a little to capture the road and vehicle following the motorcycle.

The rear camera cable was routed up the inside of the rear fender and attached to the inside frame of the motorcycle to be routed to the small storage compartment located on the right hand side of the motorcycle. Normally the small storage compartment holds a small tool set supplied by Yamaha, but this motorcycle did not include one as the previous owner had misplaced it.

Right storage compartment,

Inovv K1 motorcycle camera kit included a 12 Volt USB power module. The red wire (positive) of the USB power module was wired to the power lead controlled by the ignition switch. The ignition lead was a brown wire located in the storage compartment located on a connector on the top right side. The blue splice connector and black inline fuse can be seen in the top right of the photos. The negative (black wire) was connected directly to the negative terminal of the battery located under the seat. The USB power module was also placed under the seat by the battery and the USB connector was routed into the storage compartment as seen in the photos. The include USB to micro USB cable was attached to the USB power adapter.

The GPS and speaker unit was placed under the speedometer/odometer cluster in front of the handle bars in order to protect the unit from rain and elements as indicated in the installation manual. The speaker announces when recording has started, when GPS signal has locked and when recording has stopped. The GPS/Speaker cable was routed along the same path as the front camera to the right side compartment.

GPS/Speaker location,

The excess length of cables were neatly tie wrapped as shown and the connectors were routed into the bottom of the storage pouch. I opted to have the other end of the DVR easily accessible to be able to remove the microSD card as needed to review videos remotely. The K1 recording unit allows for viewing of recorded videos.

Innovv k1 motorcycle camera kit also includes a remote button to start/stop recording or mark a video segment as protected to ensure it isn't erased, however I chose not to install this option, but instead install a 64 Gb memory card to maximize storage space.

The videos produced by Innovv K1 motorcycle camera are excellent with a very wide angle of view - 140 degrees. I chose to aim the camera slightly down in order to not capture as much sky as aiming the camera straight forward. Approximately 1/3 of the image is above horizon. I found that although you can reduce the rear camera resolution from 1080 to 720, I found the video was not clear enough for my liking and opted instead to keep it at 1080. The audio microphone is embedded in the cameras in order to eliminate wind noise and recording of audio can be disabled via the menus. Innovv motorcycle camera K1 recording unit has many menu options available to customize the installation that are detailed in the downloadable user manual.

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