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INNOVV K1 motorcycle camera installed on Kawasaki Versys 1000

Thanks Frederick for sharing the install of the K1 motorcycle camera on his Kawasaki Versys 1000(Mk2), that is really impressive, looks cool!

I installed the main recorder unit under the seat, but decided not to use the fabric pouch to protect it as I wanted to be able to view the screen without disturbing the cables which would be impossible with the current design of the pouch. Instead I used self-adhesive velcro to fasten a piece of perspex over the display to protect it.

I made up my own brackets from aluminium, spray painted black, to mount the front and rear cameras, and the cables were easily routed along the frame of the bike to the recorder unit. The GPS/speaker unit is mounted out of sight inside the left side top front fairing panel, and the power adapter is wired directly into a Fuzeblock power distribution box. I decided not to fit the file locking button. I have added a self-adhesive UV filter glass over each lens, for protection, and to enhance the water resistance. These are sold by GGS for use with compact cameras, and are ideal apart from the fact that they don't make them in black for the size I needed, which I would have preferred to the silver.

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