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INNOVV motorcycle camera DVR in pelican 1040 box

People are looking for the way to mount the DVR on dashboard, Here it is.


Hi Guys, I just ordered one of your K1 Dual Camera DVR systems. I’m in California. I’m ride in heavy traffic daily and will surely capture some really crazy drivers on my commute. I have one questions about the DVR, is it waterproof/resistant? What do you think about handlebar mounting this DVR unit on a RAM mount? I park in a secure lot daily and not worried about theft at all but moisture is another matter. Thanks, Mike H.


Thanks Rock,

Your customer service is amazing. I read the K1 review on webbikeworld and ordered it without hesitation.

I'm really looking forward to getting everything set up on my 2008 Kawasaki Z1000 naked bike. I'm actually going to try and hard mount this pelican case ( onto a GPS mount from RAM. I will have to create a downward facing port for the cables which shouldn't been tough. I'll stuff some moisture adsorbent packs in there as well.

I'll have to post some picks for you.

All the best, Mike


Hi, I got my K1 system and mounted it yesterday. I wanted to share my installation of the unit inside a pelican 1040 box using a RAM handlebar mount. Both cameras are mounted: the front is on the handlebar and the rear is above my license plate light.


I used a Ram mount from my handlebar:

and then I used this extension:

with a ball:

attached to the back of the pelican box 1040 box:

I used a variety of machine screws and washers to mount the INNOVV K1 head unit box and ball mount to the box. I actually had the head unit stand off from the back of the case where I could store extra wires behind the head unit to save space inside the Pelican box. I had to remove the inner rubber sleeve before drilling all the mounting holes.

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