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INNOVV K1 Motorcycle camera install on Benelli 300cc

Kim has been living in China 3 years and it was difficult to get the motorbike.He has Benelli 300cc. it's his first motorbike. With more experience he will get the 600cc. The traffic is so crazy in China, so he has searched a dashcam for motorbike for a long time For the moment he uses Sport camera like Go Pro, but it's not convenient to install in the box everyday and to charge it at home each time the power is low. He looks for a right motorcycle camera for days till found the K1. Below is the K1 installation he made.

And trial riding in Kunshan City, China.

#motorcycleridingcamera #MotorcycleDVR #motorcycleblackbox #Motorcycledashcam #motorcyclecamera #Motorcyclerecordingsystem #Motorcycle2Channelrecordingsystem

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